Advantages Original works, dimensioned made, on mobile frames 

Destinations Halls, lounges, corridors, office spaces, restaurants, meeting rooms or corporate events

From a personalized craftsmanship work to an artistic approach in a unique piece, there is only one step. Because the hard work of coatings, surfaces and pigments allows a particularly rich pictorial writing, which is also available in paintings or frescoes.

Figurative abstraction, ethereal landscapes, suggestion or allusion, graphic or chromatic research, scars, scarifications, waves or large clouds, seas, lands or skies, do not hesitate to meet Pierre Fabry or André Navez for a personalized project.

In any forms or formats, from 50 × 50 cm to a monumental frame. For a perfect fit with your place of life or work. Beginning here before getting elsewhere .

Feel free to contact us if you are taken with an existing work or wish to get a meeting, under no obligation to purchase, for a customized creation in your interior, reception halls, lounges, offices, restaurants, meeting rooms, galleries, business…