Who are we ?

Passionate craftmen

The alchemy of the coating consists to associate the gesture, the matter and the language.

Pierre Fabry

Pierre Fabry

Since 2005, Artalis has combined the experience and expertise of several independent craftsmen, specialized in decorative arts.
Its founder, Pierre FABRY, developed the ARTALIS project as a continuation of his sculpture activity (www.pierrrefabry.be) in order to meet the growing demand for architectural decorators.

Since then he has been building passionate experience with the creation of coatings and the restoration of property.
For these, he draw his inspiration from the great European tradition of decorative arts which he also uses in more contemporary projects.

ARTALIS designs its coatings and applies them on walls, floors and furniture by using the finest natural materials or the most advanced technical products on the market.

The approach of these professionals consider itself as outside of any stylistic current, which confers a remarkable uniqueness and exclusivity to every single project, often fed by a complicity with each client.

Depuis quelques années, le secteur de la décoration et des Since a few years, the decoration and interior design sector has been looking for modeling and restoration techniques close to traditional know-how, but open to the advances and advantages of modern techniques, such as the rational use of adjuvants.

Lime, waterproof coatings, clays, Mortex, frescoes and paintings offer unexpected surprises, where the art of default contributes to the creative universe of the coatings.

The choice of the coating is mainly based on the material, advantages and personality sought by the customer. Thus ARTALIS offers a large range of natural coatings based on pure clay, aerial lime, hydraulic lime or cement supplemented with quartz and mineral binders, such as marble powder. Moreover, specific technical coatings, with high flexibility or very watertight, like the Mortex are available.