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It is not always easy to choose one or the other type of coating because the aesthetic result and the technical choices are often related. ARTALIS is here to advise you in order to choose the right coating according the dedicated place and the initials features of the support.

ARTALIS offers a range of natural lime or clay based coatings and modern technical coatings, such as Mortex, which combine cement-lime bases with high-performance polymer resins.

Although the technical qualities and the robustness of new coatings formulas are no longer to be demonstrated, the creative possibilities that came from the old coatings remain numerous and can easily be restored to the taste of the day.

A sample is worth 1000 words! Do not hesitate to meet us in order to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each type of coating, in accordance with your own project.



  • Reserve lime coatings for decorative projects with high aesthetic value, old spaces, extra matt renderings and buildings which require flexible and/or breathable coatings
  • Use waterproof and resistant coatings such as Mortex for water rooms, wet premises, floors, work surfaces and heavily loaded walls (horeca, meeting rooms, halls, etc.)
  • Reserve clay for low-exposure rooms and living spaces where clay performances, such as breathability or thermal and hygrometric regulation, strongly affect the quality of the spaces and therefore the quality of life.