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The MORTEX system is originally a waterproof fine coating used for technical surfacing. Distorted by some decorators in finishing sites, it offers nowadays a mineral aspect evoking a “waxed concrete”, smoothed or structured, to your projects.

The recognized qualities of MORTEX make it a unique solution for interior decoration, from the Italian shower to the fountain, from the contemporary living room to the exterior walls exposed to rain and climatic constraints.

What constitutes the Mortex ?
It is a water-repellent coating based on cement and lime, which can be varied in different shades by means of pigments.

Where can the Mortex be applied ?
Mortex can be applied on a variety of supports: tile, MDF, OSB, cement, Ytong, bricks, concrete screed, Aquapanel, WEDI panels, Jackoboard, LuxElement, Fermacel, plasterboard partitions, …

Thanks to its impermeability, the MORTEX has a perfect place in the bathrooms. It is the ideal solution for walk-in showers, washbasins, hammams or water walls, without seals and waterproofing problems!

Warning: the Mortex is not a camouflage! It requires solid and properly prepared supports. Therefore, a preliminary validation of the support is made during a technical visit before the work get started. However, this technical visit does not come with any obligation to purchase.

What is the thickness of the Mortex ?
The coating is generally applied in 2 or 3 layers, depending on its decorative purpose or on a specific sealing objective. The final coating will have a thickness of 2 to 3 mm, which is ideal for renovation, on old tile for example, without causing problems of extra thickness.

Which final touches can be obtained with the Mortex ?
Depending on the installation technique, a Mortex coating will have a rough or smooth final touch with more or less marked moiré effects. Attention: The Mortex does not offer a homogeneous, neutral and uniform result but proposes a material that has a marked character and a personality. The aesthetic result will therefore remain mainly dependent on the applicator’s expertise and a proper preparation of the supports . At Artalis, the preliminary realization of a sample will allow you to visualize the final result and to confirm your choice of hue and material before starting your project.

How to maintain the Mortex ?
Though waterproof and resistant, the MORTEX® must be protected from stains, just like a natural stone.
The maintenance of a surface coated with MORTEX® depends mainly on the protection used.
Using daily a squeegee, sponge or rag with a mild soothing nourishing soap (without biting agent) is enough for a proper maintenance of the material. In addition, it is advised to apply oil (OIL MORTEX®) or wax (BEALWAX) on the surfaces each month, in order to “nourish” the product and retain the pearling effect of your mortex, essential for its longevity.

Lightly soak the surface which has to be treated with a clean white cloth. Remove any excess with absorbent paper. This allows to avoid any casting or over-thickness. Thoroughly remove lime deposits or other dirt beforehand, for example by a simple spray consisting of a 50% solution of warm white vinegar diluted in 50% water. Rinse profusely before protecting.



Realize your desires



The mineral aspect of the MORTEX transforms a worktop, kitchen or bathroom and gives them a unique, completely personalized look. Thanks to the application in a thin layer, without apparent joint, it evokes a mineral block, carved inside the core…

From straight shapes and curves to the angles, everything is possible. The consistency of the product combined with the know-how of the applicator and his tools allow unlimited creations which marry the support and remain very pleasant to the touch.


Realize your desires – The MORTEX opens your spaces by creating continuous surfaces that can extend from one room to another. It offers a durable cover for your steps and floors, in accordance with the style of your home. The MORTEX can be placed on your old tiles, tomettes or ceramics. It is the ideal solution for the renovation of a classic smoothed concrete, with an adjustable color and manageable effects. The MORTEX can also be applied to a screed with a low temperature heating system (maximum 35 degrees).


Invitation to relaxation, perfect harmony with the existing decor. Say goodbye to the joints and opt for a continuous coating with a unique mineral appearance and a pleasant touch.

Thanks to its impermeability, the Mortex is perfectly suited to surfaces in contact with water. For your showers, bathrooms, washbasins, …, let yourself get satisfied by a continuous coating with a velvety mineral aspect.


Colors, shades, shapes, textures, effects: your imagination is the limit. From a raw, structured touch to an icy touch, from a cold tone to sunny colors … let yourself be surprised by the infinite possibilities offered with the MORTEX!

The MORTEX? An elegant and resistant micro-mortar that embraces all shapes and brings character and color to every creation.
Convinced? Contact us freely for a meeting without any obligation to purchase.



Advantages  Exceptional resistance, adhesion, waterproofing 
Destinations Bathroom, shower, floor, hall and walls heavily loaded

Mortex is an adherent, waterproof and resistant decorative coating. Mortex Color & Mortex waterproof are increasingly in vogue in new constructions and renovations. They will create marvels on your walls and on your floors, new or formerly tiled, by offering a range of aspects as mineral, smoothed, waxed or structured concrete.

The Mortex will also find its place on your work surfaces and on design furniture, custom made internally or with one of by Artalis’s partner designers.
Its great waterproofness makes it particularly suitable for the creation or renovation of ancient Italian tiled shower, floor and bathroom, but also on all exterior walls exposed to rain and dirt.

As an accredited applicator, ARTALIS proposes the creation of totally original hues and surfaces in Mortex. An overview on these will be offered during a preliminary visit to your site, you’re your personal choice will be revalidated based on a sample made on the work’s start.


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