Choisir Artalis, c'est  choisir un applicateur spécialisé et reconnu en création d'enduits décoratifs anciens et contemporains.
ARTALIS Chaux Creatina
Choisir Artalis, c’est vous offrir une création exclusive  en tadelakt, en béton ciré ou en Mortex, en passant par tous les enduits respirants à base de chaux ou d’argile.
Parcourir la ligne médiane entre le primitif et le raffiné.
Parcourir la ligne médiane entre le primitif et le raffiné.
Choisir Artalis, c'est opter pour le conseil personnalisé de professionnels passionnés qui vous offrent une vraie garantie sur leur travail, y compris dans des conditions techniques difficiles ou sur anciens carrelages.
Donnez vie à vos
douches &
salles de bain
Donnez vie à vos hall & salons
Donnez vie à vos sols
Applicateur-Créateur d'enduits anciens et contemporains
Donnez vie à vos murs, vos sols, vos salles d’eau, vos douches ou votre mobilier. En espaces neufs ou en rénovation.
Donnez vie à vos murs
Applicateur-Créateur d'enduits anciens et contemporains
ARTALIS Création stuc béton

MortexChoosing Artalis will give life to your walls, your floors, your bathroom, your mortex shower or your furnitures. In new-builded or renovated spaces.
Moreover, it is choosing a specialized and recognized partner in application of old and contemporary decorative coatings.

Treat yourself to an exclusive creation made of tadelakt, waxed concrete or Mortex, by using all the lime-based or clay-based breathable coatings. Add a possibility of pigmentation and dyeing on demand, created in your home in perfect harmony with your interior design.

Salle de bain en mortex

TadelaktOpt for personalized advice from passionate professionals who offer you a real guarantee on their work, even under difficult technical conditions or on old tiles.

Discover the 5 good reasons to choose ARTALIS as designer and applicator of traditional coatings such as tadelakt and stucco or of waterproof coatings such as the Mortex of Beal, the fine mortars of Marius Aurenti, the Aqua Sensa of Boss, the Loft of Mapei or the Granito of Stoopen & Meeus. With a leitmotiv: Expertise, Creative advice respecting your taste and sensitivity, Care, Guarantee & Quality of finishes.

Product and application warranty
Creation & exclusive application, 100% customized
Guaranteed installation on old tiles

Pierre Fabry

Beyond the choice of material, each type of coating allows its own particular expressivity. These cannot leave you indifferent as each texture is the reflection of its coating. Therefore the loads present in bathrooms and Mortex Italian showers are very different from the marble flour used by Artalis in its Venetian stucco or tadelakt.
Halfway between crafts and artistic language, our materials fluctuate, as comparable with life, between primitive and refined, but also between the defect and the richness of details, or between the crude and the subtle. These are the conditions to reveal your space and make it, vibrate and breathe with the natural lighting of the place.

ARTALIS creates and applies your Mortex, Tadelakt, Stucco and Waxed concrete coatings in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.


19 Jul

New millimetric coatings by ARTALIS

ARTALIS completes its millimeter coatings range with 4 new high-quality products: Aqua Sensa by Boss, Fine Mortars by Marius Aurenti, Ultratop Wall & Floor by Mapei and Granito by Stoopen & Meeus. In addition to its Mortex offer, ARTALIS propose to individuals, architects and decorators a range of colors, textures and material tested by our...
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19 Jul

New generation protections for lime coatings by ARTALIS

Nowadays, several tests allow to offer you a range of protective varnishes which are little film-forming but also respectful of colors and materials. Moreover, these are compatible with smoothed concrete coatings as Mortex. Water-based products, with a low content in VOC, for certified non-toxic use...
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