Like a natural stone, a regularly maintained coating does not get stains and remains for many years.
If your water is hard enough and / or if you use Marseille soap, a deposit of limestone may form over time, as on glazing or taps.

The best way to avoid this is to protect your coating regularly. This operation takes only a few minutes and will be renewed every month or every week, depending on the frequency of use, the type of soap, and the hardness of your water.
Scrap daily the coating with a squeegee after the taking a shower to get rid of the water.
Once a week, spray a few diluted vinegar. Let the vinegar solution act for a few minutes before rinsing.
Prepare your spray of vinegar and dish soap. Complement the maintenance with a small addition of polishing wax, or liquid wax.


Avoid : the use of anti-limestone sprays, irritants for the skin and the mucous membranes, but also too corrosive for all the coatings based on calcium (tadelakt, marble, … Mortex!)

Tip : to know if your wall is always perfectly protected by the coating’s finish layer, observe the shape of the drops of water: if they form beautiful round beads, there is nothing to worry about.
If, on the other hand, the water spreads out, it means that the upper layer is no longer sufficiently protected.
Add wax, such as Beal BealWax, or contact Artalis for a choice of liquid wax, specially adapted for the maintenance of stones, waxed concrete and coatings.

Anti-limestone recipe 
The diluted vinegar is economic, ecological and does wonders for the regular maintenance of taps and walls. Different recipes are efficient. As an exemple :
 1 large glass of white vinegar (8-10 °)
 2 tablespoons of cooked salt
 5 drops of dish detergent
 Fill with warm water until you reach a liter. Spray the solution on the coating.
 For especially encrusted limestone stains, pour a few drops of pure vinegar and let it act for a few minutes before rubbing carefully with a scouring sponge.

Complete by passing over the surface with a white towel or a microfiber cloth wipes with liquid wax. Let dry. Polish. Check the beading affect. Your shower or floor is now well protected.

  • Scrape the coating with a squeegee after every shower taken
  • Apply a bit of nourishing product, wax, liquid wax or soap oil every month
  • Always maintain the pearling effect to prevent the penetration of liquid and dirt