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A proper preparation for a perfect result.

The application of waterproof coatings like the Mortex on a shower or a bathroom requires vigilance and preparation.

The use of suitable adhesive primers, the deep cleaning of old tiles, the control of their stability and flatness, and the porosity of the joints are prerequisites for the success of your project. Feel free to contact us.

Moreover, the construction of walls and partitions require vigilance, both in the choice of suitable materials for the bathrooms and in their implementation.

In the same way, the application of coatings on old floors must be carefully approached in bathrooms.

Feel free to contact us. Extend the enjoyment of your space from days to years.

  • Always provide a watertight seal
  • Ban as much as possible the use of plasterboard partitions in showers and bathrooms
  • Before the application, be sure to insulate the room properly to minimize thermal shock and gain an ultimate comfort
  • Provide a minimum slope of 2% for evacuations
  • Clean old tiles thoroughly to completely eliminate mold
  • Provide an efficient extractor to avoid excessive condensation in showers
  • Maintain the coating by passing a little squeegee on it after taking a shower and using maintenance product (liquid wax) regularly, in order to permanently guarantee and preserve the pearling effect.
  • Do not forget to test the water supplies and evacuations before our intervention