ARTALIS Création stuc béton ARTALIS Création stuc béton
ARTALIS Création stuc béton ARTALIS Création stuc béton
Pierre Fabry Pierre Fabry

Benefits Breathable Natural Thermoregulator Hygroregulator 100% Recyclable Acoustic Absorbent
Destinations Dry premises Slight Walls

For living spaces, the clay coating provides a healthy and warm interior finish. This living and breathable material retains heat in winter as well as coolness in summer.

Since the dawn of time, clay has been a genius of simplicity: It contributes to the regulation of temperature and humidity by its capacity of absorption and restitution of water vapor.

ARTALIS offers pure clay coatings that approach the ancestral techniques of rammed earth. Outside the wet or heavily stressed areas, do not hesitate to dare the clay. Totally breathable, it achieves a healthy and warm interior finish. For a new quality of life.

Discover also ARTALIS FENG SHUI : Find all the natural qualities of a selection of the finest clays … with the solidity in addition.

Thanks to the addition of very specific natural additives, marble powder and pure fibers of cellulose or hemp, ARTALIS Feng Shui offers a modern and precious interior finish, with the same natural quality than clay.

Durable, breathable, moisture regulator, and enhancer of your sound comfort, ARTALIS Feng Shui is compatible with all Artalis pigments, for a perfect harmony with all interiors. It offers a healthy and warm result that is resistant to blows and dirt.