ARTALIS supplies on request to artists, craftsmen and specialized professionals

The alchemy of coatings is also about choosing the tools, mastering each material and tame the colors. ARTALIS offers you:

• High-quality tools for coatings and stucco, proposed in partnership with the “Comptoir des Enduits” for competitive price
• • Impregnating varnish and low film-forming varnish with high resistance and waxed appearance / non-toxic and non-solvent / water and solvent resistant / reduced maintenance
• Pre-mixed ARTALIS shades ready for use on site. Simple. Reliable. Fast. Economic. / (See color chart below)
• Creation and submission of 100% original color samples, standardized for architectural offices and decorators
• Waterproofing materials and reinforcing fabrics are guaranteed. Has to be used in underlayment.